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How Do You Choose the Best Tree Trimming Company?

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We offer you the best tree trimming service in Wilson NC. While we are sure you can definitely prune branches for your smaller trees, there are times where branches may be either too large or two dangerous to trim them yourself. So what would your local arborist typically bring to the table to trim and remove your branches safely?

Tools & Equipment
Professional tree trimming companies exist for a reason. For highly elevated tree limbs, you may see one of our arborists 75 ft high up in one of our bucket trucks trimming branches down. They may even use cables and ropes to safely lower the branches to avoid damage below. On the ground you may see us using wood chippers for mulch, and trailers to haul everything off of your property.

Licensed & Insurance
If you want to protect your property and perhaps even make the necessary insurance claims, you will need to go through a licensed & insured tree service company. Should any damage happen to your property, you’ll be happy you did. Also, insurance companies may require this paperwork proving a legitimate company was hired to complete the job for you.

You know the deal. You can read all the books in the world, watch all the YouTube videos, but the reality is, nothing teaches quite as well as experience does. You’ll want to work with a team that has dealt with a variety of scenarios in the past. This is vital for tree trimming jobs in tight or hazardous areas getting completed safely and free of any collateral damage.

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Wilson NC Deadwooding Tree Trimming

Deadwooding is exactly what it sounds like: It is the process of removing dead or decaying tree limbs (normally on a tree that is still alive). Examples of these limbs would include diseased limbs, pest-infested limbs, or simply limbs that are already dead or decaying.

This sort of “trim the fat” process actually improves your trees’ health overall by limiting pest infestation and the spread of disease.

Why do we remove dead wood?

  • Improves tree health
  • Reduces hazard for falling branches
  • Improves general appearance

What causes dead wooding?

  • Drought or lack of watering
  • Soil nutrient-deficiency
  • Drainage & Irrigation Issues
  • Soil erosion & degradation
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Harmful disease or pests
  • Harsh Pollution
  • Old age
Tree Topping Wilson NC

Also known as “heading”, people normally request for tree topping to quickly reduce the height & size of a tree. Crown tree topping does not involve selective tree branch trimming. It is simply cutting off the top of your tree. Generally, we do not perform this tree trimming technique due to the major havoc it can cause for the tree after.

Issues after tree topping

  • Sunburn from no branch canopy
  • Tree trunk Decay
  • Attracts Pests
  • Susceptible to Disease
  • Structural Instability

Before you consider tree topping, speak with our arborist to go over some of your other options. The last thing you want is to top a tree only to have it decay and fall a year later or need us again to completely remove your tree due to disease & decay.

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Tree Crown Lifting Wilson NC

Crown lifting is a popular tree trimming technique that involves pruning your tree in a way that gives the illusion “lifting the crown”. The process involves the removal of the lower branches along the tree trunk, often giving a sort of mushroom-like shape. We normally perform crown lifting tree trimming to clear low-hanging tree branches out of the way for any building or structures underneath. At times our customers may simply want this for aesthetic purposes.

Tree Crown Reduction Wilson NC

To the untrained eye, one may confuse crown reduction with tree topping, but they are quite different. Crown reduction is a technique used to reduce height and spread of a tree’s crown responsibly by selective branch removal and branch trimming in a way that causes as little stress to the tree as possible. 

This process is performed to maintain the structural integrity of the tree while still removing branches at risk of falling due to decay, disease or severe weather conditions that may occur (such as high winds or thunderstorms).

Tree Branch in Wood Chipper Elm City

Why should you hire a professional Company for tree Trimming?

  • Tree trimming can be a dangerous process for larger and taller trees. You’ll need the proper equipment to both reach these high branches and safely lower them without damaging the area below
  • For insurance reasons, you will want to hire a tree trimming business that is licensed and insured so you can make the necessary insurance claims. This also protects your property in the unfortunate event that damage occurs while removing tree branches
  • Having extra manpower with experience to handle things for you simply saves you the headache of doing it yourself and gives you the peace of mind that it will be done safely and your tree is cleared of any hazardous limbs falling during those windy days



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