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So what do you look for when trying to find the best tree service company for the job? 

Here are a few reasons why we believe we’re among the best in Wilson County

As one of the emerging tree service companies in East Carolina, you can be confident that we are constantly improving our skill set as your local arborist, ensuring that you get the best tree services available. This continuous improvement is a mentality that we pride ourselves in bringing to the table on top of the affordable tree trimming & removal services we offer. This very mentality has allowed us to provide quality service beyond just Wilson, but to the entire Wilson County, Edgecombe County, and Pitt County.

Whether you have a dangerous limb hanging over your home, a fallen tree needing to go, or a pesky stump needing grinding, we are at your service. We offer hauling services as well so you’ll never have to worry about all the tree brush and limbs being left behind on your property. Let’s get you taken care of, give us a call today to arrange a free visit to your property for an estimate!

Tree Removal in Wilson NC


We are no strangers to the abundance of trees that Mother Nature has blessed us with here in Wilson. They can be huge assets to any home or property, however, there may come a time where cutting a tree down may be your best option. Whether they are growing dangerously close to power lines, need to be cleared from the land of a new construction site, too close to our homes, or slowly decaying and at risk of falling, they need to be taken care of.  Even if a storm compromised your trees or they got struck by lightning, tree removal is not always something that you can procrastinate on.

  • Construction on a new lot or land needs clearing
  • They are dangerously close to your property and at risk of falling
  • You simply would prefer them not to be on your property
  • Trees are dangerously near or touching power lines
  • Their root systems are risking damage to underground piping or existing foundation

Should the need for tree removal & extraction present itself, we strongly advise you to contact a local professional tree service company to safely get the job done. While tree removal done incorrectly can easily damage your home or property, it is also very hazardous and requires a level of expertise for proper wedging, manpower, and proper equipment for the job.

Stump Grinding Wilson County


It is not uncommon to see the remnants of old trees that once stood – aka ‘stumps’. Eliminating stumps from your yard can be done in a day and bring you a number of benefits to last a lifetime. You’ll be happy you done so. 

  • Prevents Tree Regrowth: Survival is the priority for all life forms, and trees are no exception. When you cut a tree down to a stump, survival mode kicks in, causing it to use any resources it has access to in order to stay alive. It’s roots can draw water and nutrients from the soil underneath to begin the regrowth process of new stems and leaves which can eventually turn into small trunks and branches. Removing a stump, grinding it down completely, is the best way to ensure that your tree will be gone for good. 
  • Out of the way: Imagine your child is running in the yard, only to trip on the stump and fall. Sometimes stumps are so close to the ground that the surrounding grass and shrubs may mask them. They often are responsible for damaging lawn mowers that go over them accidentally. 
  • Less Insects: A decaying and rotting tree stump is a paradise for a variety of insects such as termites, worms, beetles and poisonous centipedes. If you want to avoid any risk of these insects biting you or your children playing nearby, removing your stump will also remove the very thing that houses these types of insects & bugs. 
  • Visually Pleasing: Yes there are times where we would prefer to keep an old stump around as a natural place to sit on or rest something on, but most of the time people want them gone. You’ll get more usable yard space back, have less obstacles, and have your yard easier on the eyes.

While you could try DIY stump removal, it will be less of a headache to just have your stumps professionally removed by your local tree company that has a commercial-grade stump grinder. For the same cost of a small stump grinder you get at Home Depot or Walmart, you can save both time and probably money by letting a tree company take care of it. 

Forget “hacks” like pouring chemicals on them, burning them, or worse, yanking them out with a chain and a truck. They are not effective and often leave you with a bigger problem than you started with. Save yourself the headache (and the backache) and let a professional team help get rid of them for good.

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Wilson Tree Service Pros removing tree limbs


Cutting, trimming, and removing tree branches is a daily request we get. From Black Creek and Stantonsburg to Wilson and Elm City to Rocky Mount and Tarboro, you will find us helping homeowners by trimming back tree branches for them. 

Perhaps you have had your fair share of DIY tree pruning in the past, however, larger tree trimming jobs (typically on larger trees) are hazardous and should be performed by a trained, licensed, insured, and experienced tree company. Arborists and tree climbers will have extensive experience for removing your tree’s branches safely without damaging the surrounding property.

  • ​Improve a tree’s overall health
  • Clearing of dangerous dead limbs and branches
  • Obstructing a particular view (aesthetic reasons)
  • General thinning or topping out
  • Overall shaping them for aesthetic purposes

Whether you need a few hazardous tree branches trimmed or you simply want to improve your tree’s overall appearance, we are here to help you. We have bucket trucks that can help us trim even the highest of branches you need gone. Contact us today to discuss all your tree pruning & trimming needs. We will be happy to assist. 

Lot Clearing in Wilson NC


We provide commercial & residential land clearing services throughout Wilson County, Edgecombe County, and Pitt County. Many homeowners we speak with initially believe that land clearing is an easy, almost DIY, type of task in their mind. What they may not realize are the many hazards and labor-intensive work that is involved in clearing a lot. Things such as brush clearing, large tree removal, excavating large boulders, filling large holes, leveling the land, demolition, and not to mention clean up & haul off.

Here is a list of common reasons & benefits why you would hire a land clearing company:

  • Residential or Commercial Development
    Typically, lot clearing services are needed prior to real estate development. Trees need removal, buildings need demolishing, land needs leveling. There is a lot of preparation that is needed prior to construction
  • Clearing Brush to Create New Trails
    Trail clearing requests are fairly common in East Carolina. We’ve done everything from simple hiking trails, to horse & ATV trails to actual drivable pathways
  • Vegetation Disease Prevention
    Unfortunately entire patches of vegetation can grow diseased. There may come a time where clearing the land may be a good choice for preventing unwanted spread
  • Preparing the Land for Agricultural Use
    We can clear unwanted trees, brush, mulch, debris, and overgrowth. This helps prep the land & soil for agricultural and farming practices
  • Aids With Wildfire Prevention
    Overgrowth of vegetation can lead to excess decay of branches and leaves. As the brush dries out and heat & wind come into the picture, the chances of wildfire is higher. Clearing excess overgrowth can help to prevent this from happening
  • Utility & Fence Row Preparation
    Marking your property lines with fencing, gates, or walls, as well as retrofitting it for power & water is a pretty common practice across rural North Carolina. Properly clearing the surrounding land plays an important role in preparation for your project
  • General Visual Improvement of the Property (Increases Property Value)
    Both tree removal and land clearing services in Wilson can dramatically improve not only the overall look & aesthetic of your property, but its market value as well

Many people end up needing some type of lot clearing done for them at some point in their life. Whether you are a farmer, a property developer, or have visions for your residential area, beautifully clearing your lot can do wonders for years to come. When that time comes, you can rely on our tree removal and lot clearing team to be ready to execute projects of all sizes and complexity, so you can have the job done properly.

Superior Quality and Affordable Tree Service Company in East Carolina


Superior tree services at competitive rates is what sets us apart from the others when it comes choosing a tree company in Wilson County, North Carolina.

While we are prepared to take even largest of tree service & land clearing projects, we prefer to still give you the benefits of a more personal experience overall. We take passion in the quality of work that we provide you and are known for finishing our services on time and within your budget. We take our reputation seriously and always go above and beyond to over deliver for our customers.

All of our climbers and groundsmen have years of professional experience providing outstanding residential and commercial tree services. On top of that we still maintain our license, bonds, and insurance so you can be confident that you will be covered no matter what. Give us a call today and see why we are one of the top tree service companies in all of Wilson, NC,  Rocky Mount, Elm City and all of East Carolina.



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